Rcon team discovers two dead soldiers


This was for fun i did a hella alot of editing i know it looks odd, Can’t tell whats going on in the middle.

But heeey it was fun to make. Going to do something like this but in a fight scene later on.

I dig it.

looks good

also… kinda laughed at the title… especially funny for those people who own servers (not that i do but im familiar with the rcon system used for controlling servers)

That T-600 isn’t dead yet, it’s eyes are still glowing.

And where the ass did you steal those models from?!

man why didn’t I think of turning Zoey into a resistance fighter,

love the picture, just wish we had a good John Connor model to mess with.

didn’t cover up the missing texture I C

Yeah didn’t notice that until i finished editing and closed photoshop lol.

I like the idea of them thinking their all dead but the T-600 is still alive…still alive…

Thanks for the comments.

No Terminator can survive the might of Will Smith.

Sexy picture overall :slight_smile:

My only complaint is that Zoey (or Elixis, can’t tell who it is) has in-humanely long fingers

I assume thats Blair from the salvation game ripped?


If so where did you get them, and can I have 'em ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Jessica looks good in Stokes’s uniform.