RCon Tool for Ubuntu (linux)


i wonder is there any Rust Rcon tool that can be used in Ubuntu system , like Rusty for windows?

I was looking for the same thing yesterday, but as a command line tool. I stumbled upon https://github.com/Holiverh/python-valve/tree/master and plan on using that to create one soon.

If you were looking for a GUI version, maybe a web-based rcon?

because i am new to linux , can u tell me how to run that?

Run which?

The command line version I linked is just a framework, you need to code the client itself around the framework. As for the webbased versions, you’d just need a webserver with PHP and upload the files. Some webbased versions require additional software such as a database or other dependencies, but they should be listed on the website where you download it from.