RCON Troubles

Basicly I had a RCON trouble and it has been fixed by turning off RCON in server.cfg

Add yourself as admin, with a rank that has Rcon access, then disable the rcon.

Problem solved.

how to disable rcon and make it so only this rank can access? i run on brohoster

rcon_password “” in server.cfg, and give yourself the superadmin rank on ULX. That has Rcon access, just use “ulx rcon”. If you’re not using ULX, give yourself the highest rank on the other admin mod, it most likely has Rcon access.

im going to try it, if it works ill give you like 10$ add me on steam im on atm

Remove the rcon password from the server.cfg, put it in the start up command line (** +rcon_password**). Its never a good idea to keep it in there. I’m sure everyone remembers the old Upload/Download exploit, although that may have been fixed new things will come out in the future.

I’d setup FastDL, with it on you can disable any uploading and downloading for the actual game server preventing any upload/download exploits. If you enable FastDL make sure you remember to set sv_allowupload and sv_allowdownload to 0

If you wish to disable Rcon, as said above just use a blank password (+rcon_password “”), only bad side since you are using a GSP you wont be able to access the server console, so if you wish to manage things on your server it will be a lot harder without it.

As mentioned above ULX and several other admin mods allow RCON like access to the high ranked users, it will help you out if you decide to disable actual rcon.

You should never have your RCON Password in the server.cfg file, even if many people set that as the default option when buying a dedicated server.

As stated above seriously place this in the command line NEVER the server.cfg that is likely your problem right their. Removing the rcon ability is kind of pointless as it eliminates its use for the most part (remote administration)

They’re obviously retarded since they named themself “nitrate” without understanding the chemistry of it. Do what the people here have said, and then set up a script to meatspin them as soon as they connect.

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[lua]if SERVER then

local steamidtbl = {"STEAM_0:0:stuff"}

hook.Add("PlayerInitialSpawn" , "MeatSpin" , function(p)

	if table.HasValue(steamidtbl , p:SteamId()) then
		umsg.Start("MeatSpin" , p)
end )

usermessage.Hook(“MeatSpin”, function(um)
local html = vgui.Create(“HTML”)

	html:SetSize(ScrW(), ScrH())
end )


That’s a win. But, the reason there is a RCon, is that you don’t have to be ingame to change things.
I think you really need a RCon if you want to run a nice server, and… What’s with that backdoor thing? Are they just downloading the .cfg like “http://<ip>:<port>/<path>/server.cfg” and then figure out the RCon password?

They’re probably doubleclicking an exe written by someone clever that exploits Valve’s download system. These guys are clearly not intelligent enough to find such an exploit themself, otherwise they would understand that the nitrate group doesn’t exist without being an ion, and in that state is so reactive it reacts with almost anything, hence why NO3 does not exist.


Wouldn’t NO3 just be a highly unstable compund?


My money’s on they took the name because it’s known as nitrate radical.

Nitrate radical = NO3-

NO3 itself doesn’t exist because in order to form enough bonds, it needs to be a negative ion, which in turn is exceptionally reactive. In that structure you posted there, nitrogen is showing as to have formed 6 bonds. This doesn’t happen.

Damn, miscounted valances.