rcon_password help!

Okay. I’m new to Lua and i need some help with my Derma.

Everything else works but when i do

RunConsoleCommand("rcon_password", DermaText:GetValue())

then it just says Blocked command! (rcon_password)

This is the TextEntry itself

 local HelpText = vgui.Create( "DTextEntry", DermaPanel )
HelpText:SetPos( 235,460 )
HelpText:SetTall( 20 )
HelpText:SetWide( 202 )
HelpText:SetEnterAllowed( true )
HelpText.OnEnter = function()
    RunConsoleCommand("rcon_password", HelpText:GetValue())
    DermaPanel:SetVisible( true )

Is there another way to get the rcon_password working?

game.ConsoleCommand(“rcon_password”, HelpText:GetValue(),"

Will try that.


autorun/client/easycommands.lua:118: attempt to call field ‘ConsoleCommand’ (a nil value)

Ignore Cubar, he’s a troll/idiot.

Rcon commands are blocked with RunConsoleCommand/game.ConsoleCommand (Which is serverside) for security reasons. If this is a clientside thing (aka not for your server and everyone on it), and only you will use it, PM me and I’ll send you a module that allows you to set convars to any wanted value.



Did you get the PM?


Working now. Lock it please :slight_smile:

Sorry, lua knob


Which apparently only works with game.ConsoleCommand.