RC's Medal of Honor 2010 SWeps V2

First of all, sorry for my bad english, this is not my first language.

So, there is my MoH 2010 SWep Pack V2.

There are 20 SWeps in this pack.

All SWeps have -

  • Ironsights (except snipers, they have scopes and F2000s)
  • Fixed reload sounds
  • Spawn icons
  • World models (They have not fixed holdtypes, sorry)
  • Realistic damage, recoil
  • SprintPos

All sweps are using our (my and Madkiller’s) base.
If you download Madkiller’s base from gmod.org, It will not work.

I think you need CS:S for hands.

What is new in V2? -

  • Fixed SprintPos
  • Fixed Shell Ejection
  • Fixed Fire Rates
  • Fixed Reload Sounds
  • Fixed Snipers
  • Added M4 Silenced
  • Fixed Tracers
  • Reduced Damage
  • and more

Open the Part 1, 2 and put it to steamapps/USERNAME/garrysmod/garrysmod and replace all

Credits -

Lua - Red Crayon, Madkiller
Reload Scripts - Red Crayon
Models - EA Los Angeles
Animations - ImBrokeRU, Mr. Brightside, Zeej, Se7en, .eXe and xrockx100
Compile - X1TGR1X
Beta tester - {NBG} TheChuckGreene
Video - BlackBird300


  • by BlackBird300 (Thanks very much)

Link Part 1: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=120698
Link Part 2: http://www.gamefront.com/files/20267311/rc_moh_sweps_v2_p2.zip

If something doesn’t work, add me on Steam and tell me that - http://steamcommunity.com/id/gmodcrayon

where is the first link

More css reskins on an overused base.

I figured this would have been an actual attempt.

Guess i was wrong.

I like them. New skins are always great and who cares about the base as long as they have nice sounds have a running animation and look good I don’t really care what base it is on.

So from me great job man I love em.

Nice job!

No correct 3rd person holdtypes -_-

Zoey i was one of the biggest fans of your addons, but I have to say when you make a negative comment like that without any constructive criticism it really makes you come off as a dick, and everybody has to make some less than good weapons to learn and grow as a coder.

Ontopic: Pretty good job on the weapons, they are very fun to use, but in the future i would recommend at least attempting to code your own base instead of using someone else’s.

Isn’t that counter-intuitive then, seeing as they’re learning how to boost their own self-esteem without leaning how to script? It’s operant conditioning, and actually discourages people from learning lua.

As for the weapons themselves, nothing special lua-wise, but I certainly do applaud you for the effort.

Very nice. I dunno if this version still has those lasers, but I don’t like them.
Oh nevermind. Youtube is working for me. I’m glad you removed the lasers

That sounds like he’s eliminating the “rivals” in a dick kinda of way so less people would be better than him.

I must know what blood particle mod you used.

These look pretty decent, I’ll try them out.

I also really want the blood mod you’re using.

these guns look great, especially the snipers and m14’s, but some of the sounds are weird, kind of cut short. It would be better if the were longer. Also when using the M24, it would be great if you had to scope out to initiate the bolt action, and make the scope so you have to hold right mouse button to use. I dunno if it is possible to make the scopes models but that would be cool too :slight_smile:

These were well made and all, but it was alright overall. There were a few weird sound issues with the guns (the Barrett especially), and the actual sweps glitched a few times. Well-made otherwise.

Some of the weapons have glitchy fire animations and sound issues, however I’m especially looking forward for V3 with fixed Holdtypes along with the custom walk animations and near-wall effect, great job so far.

Also your Homefront weapons that you released on Toybox are great, could you include them in your upcoming pack along on the same weapon-base?

these are shitty so that’s why everyones having so much problems with this pile of shit

Sorry, I didn’t know that releasing SWEP Packs that people spent their own time doing for free had to live up to some sort of expectation

most of the code is a stolen base that is way old but there is a way to fix your glitch i dont know how tho

Sanks you wery much!