RD Light without LAG!

My second lua based thing,but I got all the bugs myself!


This is a simple RD spot light,but it doesn't cast dynamic shadows,removing LAG completely.Now you can illuminate your bases without fear of crashing!

No seriously,now you can put as many as you want!On night maps-fort wars ot what ever,this will give a new thrill to the game,If you destroy the enemy’s generators,their base will sink in darknes:)

Read the readme!

It shoud show up in your “Special Devices - Lights” there you will see 2 LS Spotlights the second shoud be the one without Din. Shadows


Here’s the link:

…This was harder than I thought would be…


Probably not.

Sweet! Could you make a version that doesn’t use LS, and breaks from regular damage instead?

Where is the generator from?

To anyone who is as curious to the code as me:
Yes, this uses env_projectedtexture! :slight_smile:

Of course I did.My next relese will be a latern,it will use “gmod_light” ent
…the ent from the light(non wire)stool:)


What does “-snip-” mean anyway


Why the hell woud I do that?
There are already lights that doesn,t use LS.The whloe point of this was to use LS,and every thing in the future,will also use LS.There’s some thing about the idea of using electricity to power Lamps,…wired motors…and other stuff:)


Gas systems.The only generators that can work on the energy they make,without external energy generators…Linked corectly of course.

Cowards use it to hide their posts.


So this is basically the pre-update light with RD support?

Could you make a version that uses LS2 instead of 3?

Well I don’t have LS2 because it doesn’t work well on my Gmod,install LS3:)
…Why does everybody wants me to make this for something else?


Working on it but I don’t know how does LS2 work,I’m still new to Lua…

Now if only the flashlight can be fixed…

That thing lags like (bleep) on GMod.

Edit Also, how do you get the lag graph? I have been looking for the code to type in the console…

net_graph 3 :v:

Lol thanks :v:

I have promoted it on the frontpage :slight_smile:

HAha,have been looking for a way to remove it:)
Any way that flashlight thing might be posible for me.I’ll look into it:)

Thanks for the coments really inspiraing(spelling,not at all sure )

Ok, thanks, let me know when it’s ready.

Cool. My flashlight lags a lot in Gmod for some reason…

No problem…if I coud only find the flashlight lua:)

It might be locked in with the source code, like the phys-gun.

Try looking in the Half life 2 folder…

I tried,tried shurch too,but nothing came out.
It’s probably hideing in some script like “player_items” it something like that.
This is going to take LONG :slight_smile:

Can’t find it anywhere:(Maybe in the future I’ll be able to write a overriding script…Told ya that this was going to take long:)