RD3 link tool problem

hey dude’s

I got a problem with RD3
when I try to link 2 things together I get an Invalid massage
so unless a solar panels and windmills can’t be linked to things like battery’s and other tings that need energie, RD3 isn’t working properly.

I have a legal Gmod, with LS3 C, LS3 E, RD3, CAF, GS2 and RTS (and wire, adv. dup. and stargate pack)

I’ve been trying to fix this for 3 days now I’ve re downloaded everything several times now but with no success (obviously) and i periodically get a .lau error (autorun/server/SV_resourcetransitsystem.lau Missing) and it’s telling the trough there is no SV_resourcetransitsystem.lau anywhere.

so can someone make it available to me (or sent it to me my xfire is yare1x and E-Mail is atomicwaste@live.nl) or if the file doesn’t exists help me fix it?

Many ty’s Cunamo