RDF clan Still looking for new members now 11 people

We have recently opened our clan for public people we are stilling looking for members
so for thos out that that wanna join join this teamspeak network
or add me on skype twan.molenaar1


Where do you live? With ping differences being so important mentioning your country is rather important. Also we need a Rust clans sub forum for recruitment and otherwise.

im from holand

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so we play europe servers mostly

You don’t need to start a new thread, you already have one here:


reason is because people fucked up the tread because i was supposed to be a hacker or something

But you are a hacker, aren’t you? They have pretty convincing proof.

Being a hacker, what is your clan’s policy on hacking and exploiting?

People make accounts on those hacking sites solely to accuse posters of hacking, no doubt about it. I don’t know if this guy is or isn’t a hacker though.

account was made a while back, he’s a hacker :slight_smile:

He is a cheater, don’t join his clan :v:

well if you guys all think that im an hacker too bad for you
cause im not.

check out our new website (still work in progress) http://rdf-rustclan.webs.com/apps/members/