RDF clan

We have curently played a long time as a clan. Now we decided that we want to let other people like you in.
So if you are intressed in a clan with rust elite players join ts and go to the recruitment channel where me or another owner is waiting for you.
we are curently making progress in developing our clan to the next level
I hope that some of you guys are willing to join us\

Clan owner/recruiter


Timezone we are playing in is Berlin.

Sorry, I wouldn’t ever team with cheating scum.

And yes, that is yours. Date is VERY recent, and no one has a name like that.

im sorry that you feel that way and i would like to confirm that that is not my acount
because i only use that name on steam and on this game for the rest i use my real name and that is Twan molenaar

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i dont like it that you acuse me of cheating while i have been playing fair you there are more people with the same name as me so you if you have any clear proof instead of a picture of someone elses acount i would like to see it.


Clan owner/recruiter

hahahaha whatever dude xD

Why do people always use my name :frowning:
its only giving me trouble when im being serious :slight_smile:

Why would someone else use your name? This is a horrible excuse.

It’s not just a random weird name… So wouldn’t surprise me if OP is telling the truth.

What is a twanieboy123?

What is EKVO?

It’s not a common name.

twanieboy123 isn’t a random, weird name? What have you been smoking?

He also had two noted Source Bans during the last quarter of 2013:


Granted, they were for acting like a douchebag and not hacking, but there is zero doubt that it’s the same individual as the one posting here.

The better question is: why are you defending someone who just got pinched for cheating anyway? You sure seem awfully defensive. Birds of a feather…

His steam profile is:

Oh, look what I found.

An approximation of how old his Steam is:

LOL complete disscusion about someone using the same name on a hacking webiste ^^
This is a recruitment thread not a disscussion about hacking websites

No, just… no.

Ok then link us to your steam account :rolleyes:

this i my steam acount http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198085239939
and yes i know it matches the name but i can tell you im not using hacks
and i never would make an acount on a website like that.

“Horse”, in ancient venetic. You can find more people with my name because it’s not a completely random assembrance of letters and numbers, which is the case with twanieboy123.

Hack forums isnt even used for game cheats…

I have an account on there, helps when you need to look up some info on a specific language or if you want to bounce coding ideas off on other people.

Lmao i don’t even know him? Stop thinking so much and play Rust.

If he’s hacking he’ll be VAC banned soon anyways.