RDM Manager not loading?!

PLEASE someone help me with this…

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I extracted the addon file EXACTLY how the installation told me to do… in my addons folder… and I restarted my server. But EVERY time
I load into the server… its as if it doesnt exist. I tried f8, nothing. Tried typing !report or !rdm , nothing. Yet i did everything it told me to do…
I dont understand why it isnt working. Please help. :cry:

If you’re on a Linux based off, try renaming the folder so it no longer has capitalization

^ This

This is also what I told you on your other post, where these sort of things should go. The fact that you couldn’t wait 5 minutes and already made another thread is just plain aggravating. Patience, my friend

Jeez… sorry… but thanks anyways. Ill try that out.