RDM Manager Problems

Okay so recently I installed the damage logs addon on my server, great right? Yeah that’s not the problem

So it adds an RDM Manager that opens when you’re RDM’d, meaning it won’t open if you were killed by a traitor(unless you’re a T of course), so that’s all great! :smiley:


There’s an RDM manager that has always been on my server and it’s a little box that says you’ve been rdm’d! every time you’re killed, whether falling in lava or not.

And this bad one always sends the message to admins in admin chat, not the GUI menu.

How do I remove the bad RDM Manager? I know it’s a pre downloaded file for TTT but I can’t seem to find it.

It’s not predownloaded. Where did you get this addon from?

I don’t know but when I installed my server with SteamCMD it was just there. I can’t remember the addon I got my current RDM Manager from.

Well there is no “RDM manager” that comes with GMod

Smells like leak :):):