RDM Mananger - TTT

Well, I have been working on a RDM Manager for TTT with some support from 3 people who made me start this script and helped me throughout.

What it does:
This script allows players to report to any connected admins when they are killed. When a player is killed, it opens a small dialogue window prompting the player if they’ve been RDMed. If they answer yes, it allows them to write a brief description of the offense and reports it to all connected admins.





  • This is my first script from scratch.
  • Just noticed that I misspelled the thread title.


I can see this being abused. a lot.

Not bad for a first script. I don’t think I started doing clientside stuff until I had almost written an entire gamemode.

@Mike, that’s possible with anything, but this script is simple. It doesn’t prompt admins in any kind of annoying way, it only makes use of the asay built into ULX to send admins a message in the chat window.

It’s just like reporting to any normal admin like. Except it’s done in an way easier.

Perhaps make it so you have to open the window rather than it opening automatically? Cause then people who actually did RDM and are angered over it will open the window, and those who don’t really care won’t just hit ‘yea sure i did’

I didn’t understand what you meant.

Look, I’m an admin on a TTT server myself, but imo this just isn’t needed when (since you use ulx) someone can just say “@so and so RDM’d me - please look into it” which allows you to send a message to admins.

All it takes is a message like that to currently connected admins to handle an RDM properly.

What happens on the server I admin on is someone reports an RDM using the @yourmessagehere way, and an admin will either look into it right away or at the end of the round by using @@messagehere (admins only) to put a message in the chatbox to everyone asking something like “John why did you RDM kitten?” If they don’t answer by the time the next round starts, they get slayed. just seems this isn’t needed when you have admin chat - for a reason.

Well, guess what? This uses the ULX admin chat.

The reason this was made because of some people not knowing how to use the admin reporting system. So this was made to make it easier for people.

If you got killed by a fellow inno it should pop up.

What if it was an innocent that killed a traitor, or a detective that killed an innocent. Should just have it use a config file in my opinion.

See I assumed that the entire point of TTT was to RDM until you killed all the traitors or you killed all of the non-traitors. how do you RDM in a team deathmatch gamemode?

RDM can happen anywhere, anytime and in any situation.

There is only two screenshots, so I assume they are the only 2 panels?

What if someone submits a report to the admins and then the admins only get one side of the story.

You should add another text field where they person that says they got RDM’ed can type the persons name that killed them (or your form could automatically put it there) and then the person you are accusing of RDM gets a panel come up where they post their side.

I will not be using this addon as I think it is not needed.

TTT isn’t a team deathmatch. http://ttt.badking.net/tutorial

It’s all about finding out who is the real traitor(s), you can’t just kill everyone.

Nahhh you guys are thinking of DarkRP. In ttt you do just kill everyone!

Made it only popup if you got killed by a player.

(Workshop only update)


Why not just use @ instead of the whole derma system? Seems pointless.

I actually like this system, I’ve made one before where it does the same, but it sends it to an admin and they can see who shot first, and there’s two buttons. One for respawning the person who was killed, and one for slaying the attacker.

PS; oh god tyguy is back from his ban.