Just a quick question: What does RDM mean in Darkrp.

Random Death Matching.

Really stupid rule. It’s as bad as NLR, New Life Rule.

DarkRP isn’t the greatest RP gamemode, since it has lots of issues. There are better ones, if you don’t like DarkRP.

Ok, Just wondering cause I hit someone twice with a stunstick and I got demoted for RDMing.

I’d like to defend DarkRP here. The gamemode itself has no issues. It’s the minges/jerks who play it who have issues.

It’s a stupid rule that you’re not allowed to kill people for no reason?

Agree, it’s a good rule, but it’s fun to RDM sometimes >:D

People kill people for no reason all the time in real life

I see what you did thar

Motive, means, opportunity.