Re-Balancing TF2 Maps

I’m mapping for Team Fortress 2, and I need some advice on how to keep things balanced for both teams. More to the point, I need to know how to correct a bad choke point or area. I don’t really know what to add or take away … Like say if I had a corner where it’s too easy to defend a sentry next to. I could remove one of the walls, but that would give a gigantic advantage to the other team’s snipers … and so on.

Make the map, test it with friends, fix that shit, do that again until everything works fine.

I’ll see if I can get my clan’s server to host it, I was looking for more specific advice … I suppose I could just ask people a few questions every few rounds and see what they think.

As above.

But try adding another route around, that avoids that corner, so the opposing team can come round behind.

Please don’t resort to making symmetrical maps though. It’s the easiest way to balance a map, but it’s just dull. It’s the advantages that a certain team has that brings about interesting gameplay. Just make sure that everything has a counter measure, ending up like a game of rock paper scissors, but with far more things.

key components to map balance:
and niches

“Place dispenser here !” “Place dispenser here !” “Place dispenser here !” “Place dispenser here !”
Yea, put sentrys in base so they wont spawn camp XD