Re-creating old gamemodes.

Has anybody ever thought of re-creating (from scratch) an old gamemode?
For Example Perp. The original creators aren’t hosting it anymore, and all I see is modded versions around.
Does the idea of completely re-creating perp (or any other old ones) sound intresting to anybody? With new sound files, materials, map, everything.

At that point, I would suggest just creating your own RP gamemode (or better yet, a new non-RP gamemode).

What do you mean by “new non-RP gamemode”.
From my point of view, it seems like tons of people like RP. I don’t see it going anywhere anytime soon.

You mean tons of little kids like RP, because they can run around and yell all the time. Though rarely you can find a good server that isn’t full of children. Anyways, has you can already tell some people on FP don’t like RP.

Well, I did say from my point of view. No, when I say tons of people, I do not mean little kids. Also, Some people (like myself, as you can already tell) enjoy RP. I was just looking for feedback on my idea.

He suggested something that isn’t RP because there are a million different RP gamemodes out there and very few original ideas.

I run JailBreak, which basically has the same community as RP gamemodes.

I ban anyone who pisses me off in the slightest. If they have a voice that doesn’t annoy me, they can stay. Otherwise, banned…

I’m a special owner.

You sound more like an asshole to me.

Well, it is his server and you don’t have to join it.

A+ server owner right here :downs:

Fuckin’ Melonracing. Seriously.

We need less Role play server. More stuff like Fretta, , AND Ectera. We need stuff where you do not have to get real indepth. I wouldn’t mind a gamemode with characters, but I do not want to really roleplay. I’ve been with a Serious Roleplaying community for about 4 months. I loved it there, but I got bored and my life started to kick in alot. I and someone others need a break. Its hard to find a full and good Server that is not Role play.

I’d like less first person gamemodes, less gamemodes simply about using weapons to kill other people, and generic rp gamemodes with just hud/weapon/class/rule changes.
I’m not saying new gamemodes need to have all those things all at once, but generally I feel a lot of gamemodes these days are far too generic and lack anything that makes them really stand out from other gamemodes.

While I’m tired of seeing new RP ideas, I’d be far more interested in for example a sidescroller RP, a PvE zombie invasion RP (Maybe even reverse it and have players RP zombies invading human enemies), a workspace RP (The Office, Powerplant, Meatgrinder, etc), and other such ideas. Even if some of these ideas would be too much work, at least try to think of more ways to make your gamemodes not feel like all the other gamemodes. Simply being inspired by someone else’s RP and changing the weapons/hud/classes and rules is not enough work to achieve an interesting new gamemode, new gamemodes need new gameplay mechanics.

I remember that someone recreated it. And i have that one :V

Also, what is the IP of your server, nick_9_8? I’d love to come there.

Why don’t we stop reviving RP gamemodes and revive old fun gamemodes…

So because you don’t think they’re fun, they shouldn’t be revived? …huh…