Re-do post of Prototype 2 Marine (s) model

I’m sorry for not knowing that there wa s asub-forum for requests on this site (the site has been acting weird on my computer as of late), so thjats my fault for not thoroughly exploring this great and talented site :slight_smile:

I’ll just post the orignal text here:
Well I got Protoyype2 and its AWEOSME! One thingg popped out to me though:
The MArines look waaaay cooler than the first game. So I was wondering:
Would anyone becable to rip these guys, make them ragdolls with posable fingers, and moveable eyes?
Thank you for your time!

That model looks almost identical to the Homefront SMG US marine. Of all the models in Prototype 2, why would you request that one?

I’ll have to look at the SMG US marine you speak of, but I picked that one becasue the Marines look AWESOME in this game (waaay better thsn the first one), and I’ve yet to encounter any other marine types.

I don’t think they look very different from all the other military models.

I did always want to see the Blacklight dudes ported though.

YOu mean the blackwatch? They were pretty cool too-not sure why they had to be so buff, despite bebing convicts…

Wait for the pc version before anything to be honest


dont you think the blacklight soldiers look like wizards in this one?
the ones in the first one looks ten time better in my opinion

nah they looked a little silly to me. Thier hoods made them look like Mercer wannabes.

yeah prototype 1 had better looking blacklight soldiers