Re:heavy is someone as good as you think

I could also call this "custom animation in-game test 3"but…it would be boring.

ps. Rate I like it for the three heavies and for the non-static custom animation (I think .-.)


Looks like maximes got a challenge.

What are you using to animate them?


It’s a response video, I don’t see any challenge .-.

Really? :v:


ITS A CHALLENGE! and maxime wont be french about this and run away.
He will dominate you with his next video.

Max uploaded his new video. And also (OP) you might want to add some anti-aliasing in game, the models and scenery look a bit jagged, but its no big deal, it’s great anyway.

Re:Re: […]


I’ll soon make a response to this response :v:
In this period I haven’t a lot of time so…I’ll make it later
ps: What camera did you used in the last clip? In my video I used a camera movement plugin of sony vegas, but your camera movement looks like in-game…If it is in-game, what camera did you used?

I’ll add some anti alasing in the next video, thanks for the suggestion :v:

I feel compelled to make my own.