RE: hydra,guard & advisor

I thought we might need a Lua coder with fully potential skills like SILVERLAN or someone like that to do these in Scripted npc form…
Scripted, obviously means with its own animations, attacks and sounds, unlike the citizen and combine npcs as bases

Combine advisor attacks: telepathic sting, mech, arms, pinning players & npcs to walls and hovering and sucking brains out!

Hydra attacks: Stab, threatening poses to keep u away!

Combine guard attack: mega guard cannon, hit, kick.

Hope someone can do it!

click here for an ep2 spoiler

Elis death

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Calm down,dumb ratings are like dust in a vacuum cleaner.
Anyway,those npcs are hard to code and,well,the hydra is as close as possible to the one in the hl2 beta.
(i’m talking about this one)

And anyway,not to make you anymore angry,the request section is for simple-medium lua things,what are you asking is to code from scratch (or even model) those npcs.
Just to being polite: i don’t think someone will help you seeing how you acted in this and in the other thread.

everyone hates me! What did i do to them? If i thought anyone cold help me be popular then i wouldnt get this shite!

Also what do u think is better? Advisor, Combine guard Or Sewer Hydra

But its not just for me though… i mean like a GARRYSMOD.ORG link so everyone can download

It IS a link.

Quit getting pissed off over ratings.


Would the op be classified as a troll for all that threatening over getting rated dumb?


hmm, it’s a bummer that when I rate people it doesn’t show up

The OP isn’t a troll. He’s just getting pissed because nobody has finished his request, which would take MUCH more effort than he thinks it does. The only Combine Guard out right now is just a ragdoll, and if anyone were to make this, they would need to give it brand new animation. A hydra has already been done. Also OP, you can’t delete the thread. I’m pretty sure only mods can delete threads. And Stacker, I think the person who gives the rating can’t see it, but everyone else CAN see it.

I have leaked hl2 beta, and it has a combine guard dunno about ragdoll…

Angrypepper. No one hates you, we don’t know you at all. You are just very dumb getting so upset over someone thinking that you are dumb on the INTERNET.

Your suggestion has been suggested before many many many many times. This would require extensive scripting, animating and modelling if even possible at all.

You should grow a few years older until you can control your angsty bursts of rage.

Edit: Also you rated your own post agree. WE CAN SEE THAT YOU DID IT YOU KNOW.

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Okay! i did rate my own thing

if i knew how to do all that npc coding, i probably would have worked on every beta NPC by now -__-