re-model/re-skin ragdoll

Here is what I’m trying to do:

Downloaded a great model, wanted to change the color schemes to create a complete opposite. However not sure what all needs to be changed to make this work. I have been able to make the changes to the colors, however I want to drop both ragdolls in at the same time, thus keep the original and drop in the new too.

I have edited the .VMT, and using notepad, edited the .MDL to the new location for the remodeled. (e.g. original star now created star_2) While it shows in the GMOD directory, the thing is bugged beyond compare and in trying to drop the ragdoll in, it freezed up Gmod.

There are only a few files left that I can figure that would need updating but not sure which ones and what to use to do it. The files are .VTX .PHY or .VVD

Am I trying the impossible or can I create the alternate look from editting these files?

(I’m new as well and appreciate any help I can get. I tried looking around the forums but couldn’t find anything that necessarily mentioned this scenario. Sorry if I over looked it, I certainly don’t want to contribute to a messy form. I know the admins have a hard enough time trying to keep there forum tidy without me trashing it. If I overlooked please just link it and feel free to close this out.)

Well I’ve got this answered, but thanks anyway!