RE:ORC - Hunk / God Of Death / Mr. Death / HUNKster / HUNKalicious

[tab]Name:[/tab] Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City - HUNK

[tab]Description:[/tab] Special Agent of the Umbrella Security Service

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Garrysmod


  • Capcom and Slant Six Games
  • Votc: Model and Texture Extraction
  • MLC (Me): Converting and Texture Revision
  • Ninja_Nub: Texture Revision and Bumpmaps
  • Srgt.Shotup: Rigging and Compiling



Alekos’ Image:

Shotup’s Image - Old Textures:

Praise MLC!


This is awesome. You are awesome. I bow to you.

Sweet. Now everyone can stop whining and requesting a HUNK ragdoll. :v:

Every girl’s crazy 'bout a gasmask wearing man.

Neat, HUNK’s always been my favorite RE character. Just wish his ER:ORC model looked better in it’s design, quality is still good though :v:

Mlc I love you

Well this model pretty much rocks.


Where can I get that Claire model? I’ve been having trouble finding Claire Redfield.

cool models man, really easy to pose with

deliciously hunk

I cannot rate you winner enough times! Awesome work!

Rated winner. Good work on the model!

Ultra flexible kneepads

Hm i guess they wanted to keep his Old Look. from what i know (never played much of the RE Series) he always looked like that. Too bad he Participated only once in the entire game :confused:

But oh well,Very nice model indeed :smiley: thanks MLC

No, he looked a lot different in RE2

Dammit for a second there I thought this was a thread where you would post dl to all the bitches you’ve made.

But more of on topic, good work with the models, have a winner.

This is such a win man…FUCKING LOVE YOU. “HUNKalicious definicious make those zombies go loco” that’s all that came to mind from the thread title.