RE:ORC UBCS and Spec Ops

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City - U.B.C.S. and generic Spec Ops

**You get:
**Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City UBCS and Spec Ops with a ton of skingroups and bodygroups!

Download Links:
Heads Hotfix link coming whenever it stops being slow



Dragon Age 2 Champion Armour Skyrim Argonians

You get:
Some lizzers with posing I think should be good enough, and that one staff that’s neat looking i suppose

Download Links
Mediafire link coming whenever it stops being slow


PM me for source files on both release packs.

Great job as always, It’s good to see this hit the pages.

Very nice, they look much better than the older ones.

They’re look awesome, great job!

you didn’t post my pose :saddowns:

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i worked hard on it

I’d like to file a report with the police, my thunder was stolen today.

Excellent work on these.


Is anyone else having this issue?

Holy cats this stuff is excellent!

Damn, these look much better then the older ones!

The Dragon Age bonus is good aswell!

Blah, I thought I’d fixed the mipmaps already, looking into it atm, will post a hotfix once I figure out what’s going on


That’s what’s come to my mind :v:

Okay, this should fix the heads having those weirdass artifacts

Fresh to death.

bout time someone ported these soldiers, they look awesome :smiley:

nor mine :frowning:

nice job on these guys ninja

That just changed the color of it[/Thumb]

Also is his ears supposed to stick out of the balaclava?

there’s a flex for that, and gosh darn, that’s not supposed to happen, I even checked all the bumpmaps before uploading the hotfix

Is there anyway to fix it?

Any idea when your mega release thread is coming?