RE Outbreak Textures Question?

Hi the name is Anthony I’m new to the board by signing up but been coming here from time to time. Great Forum! My question is I been searching for this for a while now but am wondering is there any certain tool or way to get Textures from Outbreak 1 or even 2? I mean textures from walls and floors and all the rooms and levels textures. LIke crates or doors and such? I know i read in the past about emulators doing stuff. And having to convert or change colors and whatnot. So i just figured I’d ask. Thanks

Short answer no, there is no extraction tools to nab the level textures. However since some of the maps in umbrella chronicles are from outbreak they can be ripped from both textures and mesh.

Beeswax figured it out.i just don’t remember.


well thank you all for the help



Thanks, ill have to check that out! DO you happen to know the tools fro doing so? I never dealt with wii games

I remember him… He made a Resident Evil mod for GTA SA But… He is inactive ALOT!
Try using Texmod. Load the PS2 emulator with logging mode, set your ripping stuff, then use the + and - keys on your numpad to see the textures. It’s basically ripping the textures, but it’s way more specific. The texture you select will turn bright green on the model that texture belongs to. Keep going through the textures ingame until you see the walls or whatever go green, then press the rip button (default is enter)


The textures will turn out blue or weirdly colored, but any good photo editing program can fix that. Load the texture then switch the blue and red channels.

Oh yeah, and Texmod allows you to edit the textures you ripped and then launch them back in the game, so it’s not only just for ripping. Me & -Rusty- experimented with reskins.

And this is -Rusty-'s Chris Redfield

WoW Thanks a Million Thats Amazing and great stuff!!!