re-request of a raven ragdoll!!!

for christs sake could somone please make me a raven ragdoll i have a great refrence picture this time.

Links are dead :S

trying to fix that hold on.


here we are.

that’s cos he included the /art but not the actual pic title. delete that and it works.


Ask them if they’ll let you use one of those models ^^

ok hold on.


i dont know if i can even find a link to contact them.

Meh, you ninja’d me, that’s all. In your original links, you included “/art,” which fucked up the links cos that’s just a redirect protocol used by deviantArt to find a gallery, not an actual page.

shit i knew i did somthing wrong ill try to fix it right away.


it wont let me do it. fuck.


this is the link of where it came from:


i am now waiting for a reply from the devolopers of the picture.