Re-Skin Destination Folders?


I followed a reskin tutorial, and that told me how to reskin, and where to put it in my garrysmod game’s folders <- For citizen. I would also like to know the other destinations to put forexample, combines and… Dr. Kleiner, Barney, Alyx, Eli, Breen and all those. If you could just reply to this thread with all of your knowledge about this, I would really appreciate it.


Combine: “steamapps\account_name\garrysmod\garrysmod\models…”)

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If you make a new skin, you want to put it in the materials folder, not the models folder.
The model paths are as follows:

Male citizens: materials\models\Humans\Male\Group0*\citizen_sheet
Male citizens: materials\models\Humans\Female\Group0*\citizen_sheet
Kleiner: materials\Kleiner\kleiner_sheet
Civil Protection: materials\Police\metrocop_sheet
Barney: materials\Police\barneyface (He uses the metrocop_sheet texture too)
Breen: materials\Breen\breen_sheet

You can explore the rest of the paths in steamapps/source materials.gcf (Open it with GCFScape)

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