Re-skin of my personal skin

I’m bad at this of making personal skin.I want a new one because I don’t like mine:
This is how I want him:
T-shirt: or or
Trouser: Jeans if it’s posible.
Shoes: Black converses
Hand: I want this gloves or this ones
With long hair and no beard if possible.All of this in male 7.


I’ll do it. It will be posted on under the username “Chonch”. You can’t get the long hair and T-shirt, though. That would take a remodel, which i cannot do. for the t-shirt

That made my job a whole lot easier.

I appear to have run into a problem. Everything works, but the model itself is invisible when spawned. I’m just doing this as a test of my abilities, as I am new to it.

Put up the QC if you compiled it, or tell me what you changed if you hexed it.

Thanks a lot.If you can’t add the hair don’t worry.
You can usea this shirt as reference