Re-Skin the Witch.

She’s an ugly bitch, maybe someone can fix that :v:

Maybe something like in this comic, I dunno.

but… its black and wihte!

So you want a ‘child’ witch? Oh we know what for Bloo!

Still,she could be re-modelled to much more sexy one :wink:

could propably take some parts from other models and hack them together I’d try but I don’t have a fancy shamcy modelin program to do it

Like a Zoey-Witch?That would be nice.

I love how you teens think the Witch is hot when her face his horrifically ugly and you do not belong here epicwolf

Did I say she’s hot?No so be quiet…

not really like a zoey witch although her fae could be used

No fucking duh, I want her not ugly. That’s why I made this thread.

cough bump cough