Re-skinned Ellis L4D2

I just thought I would post my reskin of Ellis. It’s been on FPSBanana for a bit for L4D2. He’s not much but that’s the skin I use for my parodies. ^^

Here’s the download link.

And Here’s him xD.

Not bad.

More pics ?

Looks pretty cool.

First thought…

“Do you know who ate all the doughnuts?”

I have more regular pictures of him. But nothing that shows off the full skin. Here ya go all sides lol. I originally made this for L4D2. Works on there too. o.o

Too bright for something out of Left 4 Dead. Hat needs to be desaturated and the shirt needs to not as glowy…when making a texture for a game it’s usually best to never use anything completely black or completely white, make it a little grayer.

Sex machine. :smug:

That is why it is in gmod…

Someone needs to make ellis look as retarded as he sounds ingame.