Re-skinning a model...

I’m trying to reskin the model c_buffbanner.mdl but I don’t want to make it overwrite the old model. I want to be able to spawn it seperately.

I’ve been trying to decompile it, but it won’t let me. I’m using MDLDecompiler, and people say to change a part of the MDL file. I’ve done everything, but it doesn’t work. How do I reskin, rename, and have it not override the old model?


I don’t get it. You people do amazing things, and you can’t answer a simple question?

Hex the model:

What Silver Spirit said, you’ll want to hex the model rather than decompile it. Decompiling is more for mesh editing or additions/changes to the model, hexing just creates a duplicate with (slightly) different paths that you can manipulate to use different components of (like a skin).

Also, Facepunch has a tendency to be very high/low, there are (unfortunately) lots of threads on here that have very valid questions with good content but are never answered, just the way this forum is.