Re-Skinning a Raging Bull Revolver, need ideas

Sorry if this is wrong location for this to be posted, but it didn’t seem like a request other than for ideas.

This is it currently but i need ideas on what to change, i made the bullets in the chamber Red aswell but i didn’t take a shot of them since it clips the model and looks ugly.

So if you will guys, give me some ideas on what to add to this re-skin and comment on it, tell me what you think up to now.

Get rid of those aggravating red splotches. They don’t look cool- it looks like some whore with red lipstick went to work on your gun.

And while you’re at it find something more visually appealing than adding tattoos and tribal art to your guns.

If you’re still eager to decorate your gun then trying adding some kind of raging bull design. Have the head of the bull near the firing hole and gradually stretch the body to the bullet chamber, adding variation along the way.

Thing is i want to keep the red style to the gun, it goes with another skin i have. (Trust me the other skin isn’t low res)

Alright, then change those shapes into a coherent design, like the raging bull idea. Something like this, but longer to fit the whole barrel:

I like it, seems real nice to go with the Red Raging Bull.

Thanks for the idea, i’m still open for ideas just small details.

Make it hot pink.