Re-using morph targets

So I’ve recently been working on a meshmod but forgot to separate the head as a different object before moving onto the faceposing set phase, now I want to add a different set of clothes as bodygroups can I simply adjust it to the model and carry on exporting the smds or I’ll need to actually make new morph targets from scratch? I would really want to keep my .VTA as I’ve been working on it for the last 4 and a half hours.

Also I’ve recently separated a mesh part from the main object after already setting my morphs and I could still use my .VTA on the model, but then again I didn’t mess with any bones…


What program are you using?

I’m using 3ds max

Oh, perfect.[/t]

I personally split the head in the first place. The head serves as the base of the model and is never really changed while the body is placed on separately, the hair is separate for bodygrouping purposes, and then additional pieces may be separate as well.

Let me let you in on a “secret” now. The editable poly modifier is your friend in this particular situation.


Creating these edits on the editable poly modifier allows me to experiment with reshaping the face for different characters. In your case, you can use the modifier for the deletion of unwanted elements instead such as the body. The editable poly modifier can then be copied and pasted from the original reference over to your morph targets so they then follow the same edits that are made without breaking the morpher set-up. If you already have your morph targets set-up, you can open the modifier and simply click the “reload all morph targets” button to reset existing morph targets for your now edited targets.

Hope that helps. If not, please elaborate further and I’d be happy to provide more info.

Yeah that helps a bit but the problem is I forgot to split the head as a different object before I began creating my morphs, so I began the targeting with the mesh as a single object (entire body minus bodygroups).

Oh and if you could also give me a piece of advise on morph target symmetry that would be appreciated.

Ps.: sorry if I didn’t make any sense it’s like 2AM here and I can’t seem to proccess simple sentences lol

I work night shift so 2am was my lunch break. I guess we’re in the same timezone though.

Anyway, the editable poly modifier is exactly what should help. The reason I shared the idea is because you can still go and split the face. I honestly would always split the face for morph targets anyway in the future. Nevertheless you can split the body and head from eachother.

  • Copy the model so you have two models.
  • Remove the head from the first model.
  • Add an editable poly modifier to the second model. Remove the body through the modifier.
  • Remove the morph modifier from the body and ensure it remains on the head.
  • Slide the editable poly modifier under the morph modifier.
  • Copy and paste the editable poly modifier to your morph targets. This will remove the body from them as well and ensure everything is cleared in the same manner as the original mesh. If the meshes are the same and the editable poly modifier is the same, then the result should be the same, preserving the ability to work as morph targets. Is it starting to make a little more sense now?
  • Once the base head and morph targets have all been modified, go back to your morph modifier and reset the targets. If you followed the process correctly then the meshes should all be a match and should plug back into eachother. You can test this by trying to connect a morph target to the modifier after the edit poly modifiers are applied. You can also try collapsing the modifiers (convert all of the morph targets to editable poly after applying the modifier) if necessary. You can reset the xform as well so long as it’s done on the base as well and the skin modifier is reset.

If necessary, add me on steam and I can walk you through it over Skype / teamviewer.

Yes it was prety “retroactive” of me not splitting the head, well I’ll add you on steam so I can clear some small stuff then.