RE: "What should we be doing?"

Rather than just voting in a poll (which doesn’t really have my ‘idea’ in it), I wanted to write a little bit about what I think the game could benefit from. Not because I know what the game needs, but I know what I would like as a player. Hopefully someone on the dev team reads this post - whether or not they share my opinion or not at least it’s another angle to consider:

Essentially, most of the poll was voting for performance. Personally, I have some issues with this. Firstly, I have what I would class as an average to just-above average PC, i5 3570k (2012) & GTX 970 (best bang for buck card currently). Rust isn’t the best optimized game going, no, but I don’t think it’s bad enough that the dev-team should be ‘wasting’ their time improving performance instead of improving the actual game and it’s mechanics. Improving the performance isn’t going to bring new people to Rust, nor do I think it will keep current players playing. I see performance as something that you live with, if you like the game and what it offers - you deal with it. Take DayZ mod on Arma, terrible performance but it was a huge hit regardless. Plenty of time was wasted trying to make it more optimized and it barely made a difference, maybe it was slightly better but the time could have been invested adding new features which didn’t happen, instead the devs focused on optimization and didn’t add complexity to the game which essentially killed it. Who plays DayZ standalone now? Not many people if you look at Steam stats, more people are playing Rust. Why? Because DayZ’s dev-team don’t bring out new updates that have new features and gameplay mechanics, Rust does. And I think it’s crucial that the dev-team continues to release new features that bring complexity to the game. What I mean by this is more “detail” to the gameplay, more things players have to do to reach ‘end-game’, more things to do once you reach ‘end-game’. I don’t mean new attachments to guns, yeah they’re cool and if it doesn’t take a whole week - sure. But they aren’t adding complexity in a sense of “how many hours can I play Rust in a week before I have achieved everything”.

I also saw an option for “Anti-grind”. I don’t really like this idea either. Grinds should exist in games, if things are easy and there’s no grind it just makes people play the game less or it makes it easy and therefore dull. You should have to grind to achieve. It’s how life works, you don’t become a doctor, you grind as a student, then a nurse or whatever and eventually you are a doctor. It should apply to games. You grind with tier 0 to get tier 1, then you grind to get tier 2, then you grind to get materials to build a home - and so on and so forth. I don’t think reducing grinds is a good idea for this reason. You’re just giving people less to do which is what my original point was. You’re basically saying; “Now it takes less time to complete our game, now you can go and play something else!”.

I’m not a successful game developer, but I’ve played plenty of games in my life and I’ve seen many games with utterly bonkers potential die out before they reach their peak. In my eyes, Rust devs shouldn’t waste their time on optimization or adding new items unless there is something that links to “complexity”. I think that is the key word. There needs to be layers. Yes, a lot of people voted for Dungeons/new radtowns. That’s cool but once you’ve been there once, you’ve seen it. Where is the longevity? There needs to be activities that cost hours of your time to complete, to gain something. What I can’t help with is, what should they add? I don’t know, that’s for the devs to find out. Maybe a new resource that requires regular high-grade metal (iron) and a new steel that is found only in certain areas of the map and together creates a new resource that makes certain things, who knows. But there’s playability there. Essentially the bottom line is I think the devs should focus their time and resources to add new content, not in items or ‘features’ but things that require time to complete. To extend the games playability. To make the time it takes from start to finish greater. To make options for what the player might want to focus their time doing next. Hopefully someone takes the time to read this, but that’s my two cents. I hope it might be useful to someone.

One last point I’d like to finish on, which is a nice one so that’s… nice. Facepunch have such an amazing ethos about the way Rust is developed. You don’t see many games have so much dedication and listen to the community as much as these guys. Weekly updates with new features? It’s incredible and I think it’s the only reason this game is still very popular. If it was getting updates every 3 months it would be an average seller with mediocre player counts but the fact it’s so well looked-after by the devs really breathes life into the game. So thanks for supporting Rust so well instead of releasing it, taking all of the money and starting a new game - we appreciate it.

Sooooo… What I’m getting out of this is your problem is that you couldn’t vote against the ideas you didn’t like?

Did you not even read the first 15 words of the post? I’m not bothered about the poll, I just wanted to elaborate my opinion more than just 1 tick on an option.

You’re entitled to your opinion but I respectfully disagree. While you may not think performance is an issue, for many of us it’s a huge deal and the fact that a third of the entire community is demanding that the dev team make performance their number one priority is evidence of that.

When you’re not making an effort to optimize your game’s performance or do quality assurance on your updates to make sure it doesn’t completely break the game, it doesn’t matter how many guns, skins, or extra fluff you throw in - it’s not a game people are going to play. DayZ didn’t spend the bulk of development making engine and performance improvements, they spent the bulk of their time adding slightly different guns and hats and vests and shit, and look at what’s happened to it - player counts have been steadily dropping for TWO YEARS STRAIGHT!

If your game performs poorly, it’s not going to matter HOW much random content you throw in - new players aren’t going to start playing it and old players aren’t going to keep playing it.

I agree with Miyamoto. As the game is right now, a lot of people are experiencing performance issues to the point where they aren’t able to play at all anymore. Every update they roll out makes the situation deteriorate and alienates more people that would normally love to play the game but are unable to because of bad coding.

Sure adding new and awesome features is always great to further Rust’s popularity and Garry’s vision of what the game should eventually become - but if it becomes virtually or literally unplayable, and it recently did the latter for me, people will lose interest, regardless of how awesome the game theoretically is. And at some point even people with high end PCs will stop wasting their time because the player base is lacking.

A game with no community cannot survive, especially a game like Rust that relies on other people building content for you to discover or raid.

As Miyamoto said, no matter how much random content you throw in, new players aren’t going to start and older ones will eventually stop if the game becomes unplayable and the player base drops under a critical mass.

And please stop with those Early Access / Alpha excuses already. Rust has been in Alpha for more than two years and still runs like sh*t, even worse than 6 or 7 weeks ago despite the fact that they’re ‘working on it’ and the game should get better, not worse. If you compare it to other successful games that were published in Alpha, like Minecraft which ran smoothly in all stages, Rust has become an utter joke. Early Access seems to have become an excuse for developers to slack off once they published an unfinished game and cashed in. Sure, they’re releasing devblogs every week with bits of new features here and there but if you think about it, the size of their team and the time they supposedly put in does not correlate with how much progress they actually achieved in the past.

I personally think Facepunch will never finish developing this game. They’re either in over their heads and don’t know how to fix the mess they created or simply don’t want to because they’ve already cashed in.

Rust is becoming the game equivalent of Adam Sandler movies: they look awesome on the outside but underneath hides a huge, steaming pile of bugs and bad coding.

And by the way, it’s called a poll for a reason. Every person is entitled to their own opinion, as are you. Performance might not be an issue for you but considering how many people voted for it (and there were a lot of options to choose from) you shouldn’t be so narrow minded and simply accept that this is an issue that many people are desperately waiting for to get fixed. It’s not a bad thing, people complaining about it means they still are invested in the game and want to play. The situation will get dire when people just stop giving a fck because their bullsht tolerance level has finally been crossed by Facepunch.

Imagine those 30-40% that said they want Facepunch to work on performance stopped playing and told all their friends to stay away from this mess, the game would probably die within a couple of months because the critical mass of players is missing. Nobody wants to play on an empty server.

All you did was talk about why you didn’t like the ideas that everyone else did. Your problem is that you couldn’t vote against the popular options.

Strictly talking about features and not stuff like anti-cheat and optimisation, I really think their focus should be on anti-grind and dungeons. Like many people I do in fact enjoying grinding but I wouldn’t mind more interesting ways to do so. I want dungeons as they would make exploration and looting much more exciting. It would also add an awesome arena for firefights.

As much as I would love vehicles I think it should be further into development until they add them in.

Does making the game incompatible for WinXP/WinVista users count as optimizations too? If so, going great guys!

Here’s some suggestions of which most of them were proposed previously:

New building parts: triangle blocks, triangle stairs, rectangular triangles, different types of windows, trapdoors

House decoration& Furniture:

  • Lighting (ceiling mounted lamps, flood light, lava lamps, disco sphere, colored light)
  • Storage (different types of chests, drawers, lockers, safes)
  • Decoration (carpets, animal hide, flower pots)

Weapons on backs: People requested that (at least) weapons will be visible on the player’s back or holster.

Horses: We want to ride them! (Taming animals in general)

New Animals and behaviour: examples

Electricity: I think this feature is already in development. Can`t wait to see it :slight_smile:

Backpacks: There were also pictures of backpacks in devblogs

Cars: Also seen on devblog, just a matter of time

I just had a vision…

People who tame dogs and have dogs to sick on people.

There’s a mod for that: