Re-worked Combo-Fists

Hey there!

This is a completely re-worked Combo-Fists SWEP I made two years ago. This re-worked version has 10 combos instead of just 1!

* Completely re-written from scratch. A new combo point indicator, which is compact and looks much better.

* Keeping up with the left-right hand swinging lets you deal blows faster.
* Good hit detection.
* Fully compatible in both singleplayer and multiplayer.

*** 11 Combos**:
	L = Left hand combo points required
	R = Right hand combo points required
	Uppercut (L1 + R1):
		150% damage dealt
	Three-Hander (L2 + R1 or L1 + R2):
		does three swift hits in a row upon activation
		each hit deals 130% damage (390% total)
	Swift Strikes (L2 + R2):
		upon activation increases swing speed by 40% for 5 seconds
	Charge (L3 + R3):
		upon activation, pushes the player forward
		does an uppercut that makes the hit entity fly upwards and away
		deals 350% damage
	Double left-hand damage (L3 + R1)
	Double right-hand damage (L1 + R3)
	Hand-Gun (L5 + R2):
		Deals 1000% damage
		Is basically the heavy's "Pow, haha!" taunt
	Quad left-hand damage (L5 + R1)
	Quad right-hand damage (L1 + R5)
	Dis-integrating Punch (L2 + R3):
		upon activaton, deals 600% dissolving damage
	Explosive Punches (L5 + R5):
		upon activation, grants the player 5 seconds of explosive punches
		each explosive punch deals 300% explosive damage + 100% melee damage (400% total)

PRIMARY ATTACK KEY - Swing your left hand
SECONDARY ATTACK KEY - Swing your right hand
RELOAD KEY - Activate a combo if possible



Download here:

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Also about you having The flashlight habit Everyone has it

Disintegrating punch, eh?


Don’t tell me I did a retarded typo or wrote a word that doesn’t exist. D:

I remember these from while back, I disliked them back then, but this seems very nice.

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Funny how you seem to know the whole level in the video


Yeah, the combo-fists that I made 2 years ago were pretty damn bad. All they had was one combo, I think I planned more combos, but didn’t know how to properly implement them.

And yeah, I’ve used that ravenholm map for many videos so, yeah, I do know it pretty well. :v

Edit: If you guys have any combo suggestions, post them here. Do not post suggestions like “falcon punch” or whatever, though.

Edit 2: I’ve been wanting to create a Lua animation thing, and today I finally did it, here’s a video of it.

The animation consists of 3 frames, the first two frames last 0.03 sec each and are played fast, while the last frame lasts one second.

Oh man, I completely forgot about this, here, let me release an update that was ready a week ago.


  • Added in a new combo, Hand-Gun (L5 + R2):
  • Deals 1000% damage
  • Is basically the heavy’s “Pow, haha!” taunt
  • Added in lag compensation
  • Dis-integrating Punch now also plays an AR2 altfire grenade/whatever hit sound
    /\ Changed Dis-integrating Punch’es required combo points. The new combination is L2 + R3
    /\ Combos like Uppercut, Dis-integrating Punch now also emit hand swinging sounds

But adding falcon punch sound sounds like a good idea.

Sorry for the huge pump, but this is a vital update.

I fucked up real bad with the lag compensation. So, here’s version 1.02.

Lag compensation made more lag? :v:

Crashed dedicated servers. :v: