I’d love to see the HUNK model from RE4.
I know that S-low made one, but it’s (as far as I remember) “home-made” model.
I prefer this model:

There was a character pack for GTA SA that contained RE4’s HUNK.
You need 3d max(or Blender) and a script for import, I don’t know about the texture, though.

I have a Hunk and im pretty sure hes the real one, i found him on rpgbanana but i uploaded him to mediafire here:

Could I please put this on the lost models thread? It’d be every useful.

uh… sure.


That’s the one that’s on It’s impossible to do any good posing with it. Also the helmet is suffering from shader issues.

I didn’t know it was on, but yeah the posing is crap. I tried swapping out the phys model for bloo’s, but it decided to crash my game in retaliation.