RE5 M92fs

Can someone rip the M9 from RE5? Not the cinematic one, god no, the world one that Chris or Sheva uses from 3rd person.

Anyone duck this out quickly? I can offer a handjob. Or a head, whatever way you swing (<-- NOT GAY LOL)

They’re the same model. RE5 uses in-game cinematics.
Just so you know, you’re getting the good one if someone does it.

That would be kewl.Most of them weapons would be.Hope someone pull it off.

I could probably find FPSbanana skins of most of them. Well, close enough ones.

Yeah and that’s got what to do with the thread, mate?

People wouldn’t need to port them from the game.


People wouldn’t need to port them from the game.

Your an idiot.

You could say the same fucking thing with everything, notice how it says RE5.

I see the best way to get people to make a model for you is to insult them. I’ll keep that in mind.

Dude, anyone who makes a smartass comment like “lul get teh gun model off fpsb :D” doesn’t have the IQ to model.

Now, hey, that’s not nice. I was simply saying there are a lot of packs with 92FSs. Better ones than the one in RE5. Why do you want that EXACT model, when better ones are available? Trying to save someone some work.

If you’ve actually seen the RE5 model, it has intensive detail and is made by professional modelers have experienced the actual gun.

Not some nerd sitting at home with nothing better to do. The M92fs in RE5 looks fucking sexy.

Pfft. Yeah right. Is that why the barrel doesn’t recoil back at all, only the slide, the half of which is covering the guide rod only goes back to the end of the frame? And why there’s that “Bad Boys 2 The Shell Travels Faster Than The Bullet” thing in a few cutscenes? And why Sheva can’t reach the trigger? Notice, she’s rarely got her finger in front of the trigger, it’s usually clipping through it, or going behind it.
They’ve handled Tokyo Marui airsofts, buddy. Not the real thing. They haven’t handled real Italian steel. The only thing they really have over other games is that at least the safety’s off (CoD4’s G3 is on safe, for example, and EVERY game with an AR-15 has it modeled on semi, whilst firing full-auto).

Japan really doesn’t have real guns, by the way. They came out to hollywood for the mocap, which used TM Double Eagle Airsofts. I’ve seen the footage, don’t question me. I bought the Special Edition, and actually watched that bonus blu-ray.

I, on the other hand, have handled and fired several live firearms, so I kinda know some stuff about the things. The model is good, yes, but there are quite a few models in packs that are just as good, if not better. I’m just trying to save some time, be efficient, you know?