RE5 Oswell E. Spencer to Gmod

Hello dear people,

I was wondering if someone want’s to make this great character from Resident Evil 5 (Biohazard 5) to Garry’s Mod, i don’t mind if it’s just a Ragdoll, or a player model, but i’d love more to have him as NPC, Thanks dear people from FacePunch, I can support the Model in .Mesh, and in .Mesh.Ascii, i can convert it to .Obj too, i will try to support if someone want’s to help me, Thank You So Much, All the comments are appreciated.!ld40iICY!2yj6kn8Lfpi3qi50rijJ8gYkhFdUkE6Jp9_mMIyy71A

Thank you,
Help is so much appreciated,
Sincerely OswellSpencer.

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Ah, Sorry, I forget to mention that i don’t want to make him with the wheelchair, I just want the normal model.