RE5 -- Sheva Alomar Alternate Costumes?

I love RE5, but I also love Sheva more and was wondering if there are any of Sheva in her alternative costumes (Tribal, Business, Fairy Tale)

I know S-low has ported the original Sheva costume, but what about the “other” costumes?


Porting this would be awesome.
Wish I knew how to. :slight_smile:

So what the problem? Anybody?

What about that fan made “Costume?” :q:

I could provide the model… but I have no intention of rigging it since I dont have the time

Well its a start. If you can provide the model thats awesome. I’m pretty sure I can get someone to rig it.

Is it possible you can provide Sheva’s Fairy Tale costume to?
(wink wink nudge nudge)

i have the actual model, but she’s nude. i don’t have her tribal gear… but the body beneath… yeah.

I don’t mind – Nude is welcome :stuck_out_tongue: Can you rig/is it already rigged to Gmod?

Just would be nice to have SOMETHING different than the regular Sheva. Heck, maybe modelers could use the nude model to create the Tribal, Fairy Tale, Business outfits -shrug-

the fairy costume is only on the xbox dlc which is not ripable before you ask

heres shevas tribal costume, I riped it from the game files with a program but it still has lods so you will have to clean it up

Well, there’s the model if anyone wants to attempt to try doing it. I’d do it myself but I suck and don’t know anything at all on how you guys actually make these models/ragdolls for Gmod. Hopefully someone nice enough will come around and do it?