This is my Resident evil map, for the re gamemode made by Noobulater.


Dark atmosphere
3D Skybox
Grave Yard

And much more.

Screen Shots:


Ram Ram aka Bacon, Mapper.

Make Suggestions so i can update this map in the future.



The screenshot is dark, it’s hard to make out details.

Looks not bad from what I can see. I’ve yet to play it however.

Yeah i kinda took the screen shot in the rong place, but i will upload some more better ones tommorow.

I hate “last stand” maps its like the maker was to bored to make a map with detail.

It has got detail in it, you cant see it from that screen shot.

add some displacements to the cliff walls.

just looks like a square map… with some props…

Alright will be adding some stuff, no its not a square map.

Post more screenies of the “detail” and “much more” and maybe I will.

There some more screen shots, and im updating the map, and judging from the threads you done Melon your a troll.

So cause I’m criticizing your map you look at two threads which are parody threads I’m a troll… some one can’t take criticism.

I can but i hate people who cant read, i was Answering someone elses question and you but in.

How did I butt in when before you edited it, it said “Alright will be adding some stuff, no its not a square map, have you played it” or along the lines of something about playing it.


How is the big wooden thing being held up, would look nicer if there was some pillars on the wooden block thing on pic 3

ok your right it’s not a square map… it’s a rectangle

Agreed, there’s no displacments at all on the cliff/things… or even on the floor.

just another 5 min map, this one is too dark though

oh god… please don’t tell me that the wooden thing is a house… please tell me it isn’t

Good to see people mapping for RE :smiley:

No reply from map maker.

if it was a first map, it would be better than most, i will say that

Deffinetly not.