reaching the bases on the rocks


there is an unclimbable rock and base on it. Is it possible to build a tower to nearest buildable place and jump from it or is there any other way to reach these bases ?


I did it earlier, but the base had 2 floors reaching out so i could jump on one

Depends on the size of the base. From my experience you want at least 3 floors away from the cupboard otherwise you’ll die by the time you reach it (unless you use the cheap trick of alt-f4, which IMHO is akin to hacking).

With 2 floors it might be possible, but I haven’t been able to… I either miss the jump cause I’m too low, or die hitting the ledge. I suppose if the cupboard is low enough vs the top the bubble might allow you to sneak a bit closer to make it… not sure.

Yup! Also, there was a thread recently that had a lot of ways to deal with rock bases:

I think only if the builder has messed up on the cupboard placement. As far as I can see you will fall a couple of squares short if they place the TCs properly.

You used to be able to tower higher & jump further but there seems to be a limit around 30 blocks high now.