Read before you complain about your gmod not working

Brodie’s Fix it yourself
This is for people whose game crashes on them, who get blue screens, see pink and black textures get steam errors in and while starting the game, or have no clue what to do.

  1. Delete all unnecessary maps, and add-ons
  2. Delete the cache folder
  3. Defragment your computer and perform a disk cleanup
  4. Verify integrity of game files
  5. Shut down steam delete ClientRegistry.blob, and AppUpdateStats.blob, restart steam
  6. With a good antivirus, spy wear, root kit scanner (Ad-Aware) update it, and scan your computer
  7. Update all graphics card drivers (Nvidia, ATI, Intel) this is very important ( I will not do a tutorial on this)
  8. Remove all Horsey porn from your computer, stop torrents when on steam
  9. Plug in your computer to the modem/router and not use wireless if possible
  10. Make sure you have the correct addons, materials, maps before you go on a server (makes things easier)
  11. Take a deep breath and start Garry’s Mod
    There 10 easy steps to fixing many gmod issues. More tutorials will come soon that will be specific to issues. I’m just tired of people asking dumb questions of Face Punch, and then serious questions never get answered.

You’re trying too hard to be funny.
Otherwise a fine guide, but you should not have stupid things like that.
Makes it seem very unserious.

yah well i been helping ppl in teamviewer, and u should c the stuff thats slowing down their comps 0_o not great to look at ( not viruses) 0_o

I personally think this list could of been compiled and presented better but it could be useful.

im make a good 1 that is for 10 common issues in gmod. no more than 8 steps on each :smiley: