Read before you play, an option you should have to click before you enter the game.

When I play I know how to use everything in the game, it is because I have watched or learned how to use those things by experimenting how to use them.
I think there needs to be a EULA, or terms of agreement, before playing the game that you must read confirming that you acknowledge that you know how to play before actually playing.
This is because I am tired of seeing questions asked in game how to use things, or how to make things.
Please make this available so people know how to play Rust, thankyou.

So you have to accept a toa if your a noob?

Why can’t people just look at the forums and see how to play or watch some youtube vids like normal people.

you are saying you want guys to be good in a game (or atleast know evrything) before they are allowed to play it?
I think this is shit i mean the game make the most fun if you dont know all about it.
Its like in mc it maked a lot of fun finding all the crafting but the moment i know evrything i stoped playing it because it wasnt fun aymore.
ok you still have the pvp part but the game is also about learning how to survive

Cool, so you should know everything about the game before your first time playing it. Sounds legit.

Also if you want to know how to play a game(basics) you look at the wiki not at videos or forums and the wiki is totaly oudatet

My only issue with the game is the mentality of shoot on site. Maybe if did not have a leaderboard for kills but for survived days this mentality would change. I mean its worse then DayZ…

Lol they have a leaderbord for kills in a survival game?
Thats just uselles

Just putting this out there…

Isn’t part of the fun learning how to do things?

It may seem nice and dandy for Self Dedicated Hosts down the line but its impacting game play. People kill to get ranked higher on the leader board. Given there isn’t much content and etc. I stand firm that the leader board is in fact people objective. Not to survive but to get and kill as many people as possible. Its food for thought really. It can and will change throughout the course of the game. When DayZ first came out it was all about surviving for the longest you possibly can. And the same goes with this game, Except the fact everyone shoots on site and the only way to get blueprints is to take a big risk. With continues updates we should see this die down.

My thought are my own do please don’t be rude or negative. If you have something to say, say it in a positive and criticizing manner Thank you.

I thought the whole point of an online community was to ask others for help and build some rapport with others! I mean yeah I checked up the basics before entering and watching countless lets plays on youtube but to say people should accept they are a noob before entering defeats the whole purpose of the title

When someone starts a new game for the first time they are a noob. Yeah who would of thought?

Now I’m gonna assume there might be a tutorial section implemented on a later date but at the moment we are in alpha! A lot of people are going to be having problems!

Like myself, just deal with it any maybe if help them out, it’ll take 5 seconds of your time and what do you know! Good Karma!

What leaderboard are you referring too?? Because if its the one on then your late to the party it doesnt update anymore, it hasnt been updateing since early august or something. If its a diffrent one please give me the link i wanna check my ranks

Hey IAmSecretSpy i just killed you a bit ago Sry for this but i dont like someone whit armor and a gun just 2 metter in front of me
back to topic
Yhea i also think a online community is there to help each other and have fun together
A tutorial would be nice so evryone knows how to open campfire or to get wood and stone but hey its not that important