Sweet server friendly too! :zoid:

Awesome server! The best I’ve joined so far and the admin is active, and will help you out. You also don’t die straight away which is a positive over any other server I’ve played on! :dance:

Quick update, PVP is on excluding Mondays,
Sleepers Is Also DISABLED!

Fucking awesome server, friendly admin, rare loot, airdrops, my favorite server so far in Rust! :rock:

This server is awesome! I was one of the first players on it <3 friendly admin and everything:D love it :slight_smile:

Forgot another thing, If you want to be in the NEW SPAWN HOTEL, just ask me (Alex.)

A great server, with an amazing admin and kind players, most friendly. Admin will help anyone on his server, making life a lot easier and help people new. Hard to believe I found this server among the thousands, but I’m glad I did :slight_smile: Should definitely try it out, would benefit both beginners and pros.

played rust since it was released on early access on steam,played on many servers and this is easily my favorite one!
friendly admins and very friendly players who help each other out often,really creative buildings around the map
all together a really enjoyable and fun server!

Thanks for the great feedback, players absolutely love the NEW SPAWN HOTEL

Tried many servers on this game and this server seems to have the best balance. Many players just getting along and a few bandits to spice things up. Admin is friendly and helpful.

Great server, Friendly and helpful admin, alot of friendly players, good loot. Airdrops every now and then, best server i’ve been on, i started playing rust 4 days ago, and because of this server i cant play anything else than rust.


Cheers man <3

Still 8 spare rooms available in the Hotel

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server was temporarily down, Back up now!

Great server! Friendly and helpful admin and none of the lag you may experience on other servers, plus many friendly + noob friendly players to help along if you need any!

If you use this serve please subscribe to this thread for updates etc, also rate my server :smiley: