Read here how to get a key or how to buy an account.

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[h2]Please understand that finally! Opening new threads just will get your Facepunch account banned. The ONLY ways to obtain keys are:[/h2]

  • Being a Gold Member, Garry posts keys in the Gold Forums from time to time. No, you can’t get Gold Member.
  • Participate in the drawing contest.

Do not buy any accounts! Do not buy ‘Keys’! You will get scammed. Read **[our Rust Alpha FAQ.](**

[h2] If you want to know more about the game… [/h2]


Simple question:

Is this a official wiki acc~

if yes;

Why in germany?

We’re not affiliated with Facepunch Studios, if that’s what you are asking.

phew, glad i saw this. was scared the sticky and incessant posting wasn’t enough.

i made a picture and uploaded it. im not asking for a key now but i want to ask if everyone gets a key who uploads a picture?

No. One person. Or when garry likes the picture maybe. But assuming you get the full game, probably one person.

ok then i’ll probably have to hope that he likes my picture or i just have to wait until the game gets open beta^^

Good luck :slight_smile:

Nice to see someone pointing this out :slight_smile:

Can’t wait too see the outcry…

It’s really hard to get their attention. It’s kinda sad only a wrong thread title can bring them here :frowning:

or if this gets stickied? nonetheless the rules are easy to spot at the top , what to do or not

Unfortunately given that people can’t seem to read the giant “you will be banned” banner at the top of the forums they won’t read this either.

No its only some people who upload a picture who gets a key. theres around 67 pages with drawings and i dont think they can give keys to all of them

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Im pretty sure its more than only 1 person who gets the game.

Thanks for the info friend! :v:

“Read here how to get a key or how to buy an account.”
Got my hopes up to get a key.
“You cant get a key stop asking!”
lol okay then,never mind…


Thanks for information!

Do you know when it will be public?

Don’t expect it too shortly. Give it some month.