READ: How to CORRECTLY uppload a picture on this forum.


I’ve seen in the “draw a pic for key” constest thread that some pepole just have no idéa of what they are doing.
So, let me guide you step by step.

IT’S FREE – just to clear out all dumb wuestions before they come.

First of all, open: for some nice BG music while reading.


Go to the page: and press “Computer”

Choose your image and uppload it. For this, I’ve chosen a picture of me.

Press “Copy Picture Adress”

Press the IMG button over your text field.


AND VOILA! You’ve got your pic!

Can you please stop with the “C:\Users\Timmy Hannibal\Pictures\poop.jpg” now?

Is that you on this picture?

Yes, that is me.

You look cute.

Sexy beast.

You have sexy big eyes then

This is me with potato chips , bacon taste :slight_smile:

this will help a lot of people with the art contest.

Where’s your nazi uniform.

Thank you.

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Didn’t have it on ATM.

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I don’t know whats hotest… You or the chips. ~

You should use [t] instead of [img]

Yeah, I was going to use that, but…

Why should I teach pepole to use that, when I dont even know how to use it? :stuck_out_tongue:

how is this related to rust?

This is related to the RUST key competition.

Pending??? That’s what it has been saying for a while now while I’ve been trying to upload it.

If you mean on “Imgur” it’s probally just a delay in the uppload. Give it some time :slight_smile:

An easy way that I do it is to create a FaceBook photo album and set it so only I can view the pictures.

Upload them to that album then right-click, get its URL and done.

That’s another way to do it. Howerver, not everyone have a FaceBook account or maybe they don’t feel like logging in and going throug soo much for 1 pic.

  • No hate, just opinions/thoughts :slight_smile:

Thank you for replying so fast :slight_smile:

No probs dude, btw… Reaso to why it was so slow might have been due to IE. Try Firefox or chrome instead, you’ll love it :slight_smile:

Just looked at your post, try again. – “C:/Users…”

Pro tip: people can find your account that way.