Read if you have launcher DLL: problem

Over the last few hours people have been trying to play GMod and keep getting Failed to load launcher DLL:

I’m going to put this simply;

don’t bother trying to fix it or search for a solution! there’s nothing you can do about it. The new gmod update has stopped gmod from working so you’ll have to wait until the Garry’s Mod team fixes it.

until that happens im playing TF2


The man’s right you know.

Dammit Team Garry, you should actually test your f**king updates before you publish it and screw up our Garry’s Mod Grabs gun, finds Team Garry’s hideout

Hopefully Valve doesn’t take 10 years to publish his hotfix.

You should watch your stupid mouth, it’s not garrys fault, it’s Valves fault, shut up.

Garry. Would you like to get out of bed and fix your game? K thx bai <3

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By the way, Garry, punch Valve in the face for me. thx.

If you have nothing useful to contribute, don’t contribute, shit posts as these get you hated on facepunch.

‘team garry’
‘team garry’
why are you all saying this
it’s one guy.

Shit so what. Its not like Valve hasn’t broken gmod before. So go play TF2 or CSS or whatever you play and just wait. If I were Garry I sure as hell wouldn’t want to just get up all of a sudden and say “Ill go fix my game at 3:00 in the morning”

I am glad it is a problem everyone was having, for a bit I was thinking I would have to reinstall it. I can wait it out.

I thought it was one of my addons :confused:

Garry used to address the development team as ‘Team Garry’
He hasn’t been developing Garry’s Mod all by himself

Dammit Garry…

At least I caught it this time before steam even updated. Once I read the news how Gabe Newell left his crumbs on the source update, I knew I had to put steam on offline mode.

Edit: Also, this is not Garry’s fault. Blame Gabe Newell.

Is it night in Europe? If it is i chose the wrong time to on my computer

It’s 9am in GMT+2 right now, so I wouldn’t say night.

Wonderful, I reinstalled before realizing that maybe it was something with steam and not my pc, which caused me to check FP to see if anyone else had the same problem.
Ah well, I guess I’ll play trackmania until Valve/Garry work something out.

Garry Should Be Up And Trying To Fix This Since This Is HIS Game.

It’s not 9pm in GMT+2, it’s 10am.

My bro is in London, I should tell him to go to Walsall…

So he can tell Garry to tell Valve to (In the words of Garry) “stop breaking my games”