[READ] Looking for Server Partnership

I currently have a server hosted on a VPS. The connection is very slow, thus the server is unplayable.
I was paying in bitcoins and currently only have $15 on a card to pay for a server.

I have a TTT server set up and can transfer files if you wish to have that gamemode.

I’m looking for someone to contribute to the server and has some knowledge of developing / running a server.

Gamemodes I’m looking to use: TTT - DarkRp(If you know how to run one and set it all up.)- Other(Message me)

Skype: NetByteLF


what, you mean that gamemode that comes installed on gmod by default?
now this post is a new and special kind of stupid

no you dont understand he spent hours coding configs to make it extra [CUSTOM]

In all seriousness I doubt anyone is going to take your offer, anyone that has the capability develop/run a server will already know how to setup TTT, why would they need you?

True, basically I just want to have a server, but I dont have the smarts to do it by myself.

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Well I had a lau coder guy (Programmer) Set it all up, everything extra and what not. I just want a partner that knows how to run a server, as if I dont know something, they might, and the opposite.

Out of curiosity where are you renting from that gives you such a bad network connection it’s unplayable, are you sure you’re not being limited by CPU/RAM?


Please actually pay for your addons as well

What’s the point of having a server that you have no idea how to control?
Please, go learn and save money. I don’t know, work on the afternoons serving pizzas or something, it’s not like Game Servers are that expensive.

Hey, why not grab a 30 slot server here (http://snservers.com/game-servers.php) for $14.70? (We run $0.49 per slot, hosting on a Linux-based box with outstanding DDoS protection.)

We can provide support as well, if you need help setting it up.

EDIT: This is my 420th post. Look at that. Heh.

If you need a server host your best bet is IntuitiveServers.com

Few of my gmod buds use that host and only tell me good things about them.

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here comes the paid shills again

I would run the hell away from anything you’ve got your hands dipped into.