Read out the Rcon Password?

This is not a: “OLOLOL Wannta Hax a fkn serv hlp plx xDDD” Thread. ^^

I want to make a Script for my server, that changes every minute the RconPassword. The Password will be Generated then.
But how can i read out the Pass?
I tried:
function go()
local RconPass = GetConVar(“rcon_password”):GetString()
print (RconPass)
I get a Nil Value.
But when i write sbox_maxprops instead rcon_password. The console gives out the Number.
Please help :smiley:

It’s because you cannot grab the rcon password from that command, as far as I know it’s simply a cl command to authenticate the rcon password with the server.

I could be completely wrong, though.

How can i authentificate. To change the rcon password, i need the Rcon pass.
How can i get it automaticly?

You set it yourself before you start a server with:

rcon_password “YOURpasswordGOEShere”

If you don’t know where to put it i’d suggest you head up to the Garrysmod/Server Hosting sub section and ask there.

I Did :wink:

Then why do you need to get it again?

I want that my script changes every minute the Rcon password.
Just think about, the rcon password is now… google
And my script generates a new. 5R573ASDBV then i have to write rcon rcon_password generated code
But if the rcon pass is changed, then i have to authentificate again… there with rcon_password “5R573ASDBV” and then to create a new one rcon rcon_password “ewreg483u9tds”
and so on.
Is there a Lua Function that changes the rcon password?

If you’re using a script to change the rcon password why not just add the new password to a variable and send that variable to yourself when you request it.

Though I can not see the point in this being any use what so ever but a pain in the ass having to get the password, to change something. It seems so, wrong in a way. Pointless.

If i’m not mistaken rcon_password is one of the blocked console commands that you cannot do from lua. I do not think that you will even be able to set the rcon password from a lua script.

Some people Tried to hack my server ^^
But okay. I see there is no chance to do it.
Anyway Thank you for your time ^^

Then change your password to some thing else.


I aggree with this. It is blocked unless you use this module;

then just set the rcon password to something noone will ever guess, like 489498489489415648940148948hj4d89h4d89489h4d8h4s89z48h <-- wow lots of 4’s
and use an admin mod.

I write my own Gamemode Admin Script etc. But it has many bugs :smiley:

Then use one that works.


If you set your password to > 500 characters, it is physically impossible to hack. Because you can’t use it.

Source gives a ‘Clamping’ error when you try to use it.

Wow, that’s what i need.
thx flap …
No Really. I try to fix my Problem and so on. Thanks ^^