Read this guide to get your NPCs to have sounds again in ded servers.

When Valve switched from the old Source engine to Source 2007, they “cleaned house” and removed some important files you need to have clients hear the NPC sounds.

This guide assumes that you have already.

A. Setup your server properly
Just in case anyone is still wondering how to get DODS, CSS and HL2MP content to spawn properly, and not as an entity with no gravity etc.
Simply install your server like this.

  1. Install garrysmod using HLDS FIRST, to C:\SCRDS (or whatever drive letter).
  2. Install TF2 using HLDS second, to C:\SCRDS.
  3. Install CSS using HLDS to C:\SCRDS\orangebox
  4. Install DODS using HLDS to C:\SCRDS\orangebox
  5. Install HL2MP using HLDS to C:\SCRDS\orangebox.

As you can see, after installing garrysmod and TF2 first, they will setup your proper folder structure, and create a orangebox folder inside your scrds folder.

You then launch your server using the scrds.exe found in the ORANGEBOX folder, NOT the SCRDS folder (that is the old one).

Afterwards you install CSS, DODS, HL2MP into the ORANGEBOX folder, NOT the SCRDS folder.

This way the css, dods and hl2mp folders all end up in the same folder as garrysmod, the orangebox folder.

Now you might say, but Axim, if I install css, etc, into the orangebox folder, won’t it overwrite the new Source 2007 scrds.exe in the orangebox folder?

NO! It will not, since you have already installed garrysmod first, therefore HLDS will not overwrite the file. This is why I told you to install garrysmod first.

In the end you end up with scrds.exe (2007) version, in the orangebox folder, garrysmod in the orangebox folder, and all the extra content in the orangebox folder. Now garrysmod will properly access css, dods and hl2mp models and will spawn them as models, not entities.

Right, so I assume you have done this. Now the next thing is of course to follow this guide:

This will get the ep2 and portal content working on your server too.

(Keep in mind as of 1/20/07, we are expecting a patch from Garry for this Monday that will fix the Jalopy particles bug, which crashes clients 3-4 minutes after spawning the Jalopy. The patch will also fix the rollermine sound error causing the server to crash.)

I assume that you have done all of this, and your orangebox folder now has garrysmod, css, dods, hl2mp, ep2, portal, and of course the hl2 folder you will be using in a second.

Now for the real guide.

Valve removed certain script files in the orangebox/hl2/scripts folder which NPCs need to use sounds. HLDS simply does not download them anymore. This is where you come in.

Using GFScape (get it from the EP2/Portal content tutorial), you need to extract some files:

On your desktop make a folder called hl2

Inside the hl2 folder, make two folders, scripts, and scenes.

In C:\Steam\steamapps, navigate to base source engine 2.gcf

Double click, and double click on hl2.

Now doubleclick on scripts

Select ALL the files that start with “npc_”.

I have it start with npc_sounds_alyx.txt and end with npc_sounds_zombie.txt.

Copy all of these files into your Desktop/HL2/scripts folder.

Close the GCF.

Open half life 2 content.gcf

Double click on hl2

Double click on scenes

Copy the WHOLE npc folder into Desktop/hl2/scenes

Close the GCF.

Open source 2007 binaries.gcf.

Go to HL2 -> scripts ->

Notice that there are npc_ files here too. They are EXACTLY the same ones.

I tried copying a few over, and they are the same size and name as the ones from base source engine 2.gcf. So they are duplicates.

If you want to try seeing if there is a difference, go ahead. I just wanted to show you that there are duplicates and not to worry about it.

The source engine.gcf file has the exact same duplicates again, you do not need to do anything with them, it is just for you to know.

In any case, you now have Desktop/hl2 which has scenes and scripts folders, both full of files you need.

Navigate back to C:\SCRDS\orangebox\hl2.

Copy and paste your sound and scripts folders (inside that hl2 folder you made) right into C:\SCRDS\orangebox\hl2.

You are pretty much copying all the missing files from your gcfs into that HL2 folder in your server.

If it asks you whether to overwrite, say NO. You are filling in blanks, not overwriting server files.

Reset your server, and you should now have sounds with almost all of your NPCs.

I don’t know why Valve removed these script files, but they did.

Thanks to garry, he is the one who showed me that we need the scenes folder too, not just the scripts folder.

Thanks you very much for this tutorial Axim, but I still get that damn SteamUserStats and steam_api.dll error. I installed step by step and my server doesn’t work :(. And for the sounds, I found out that I would need halflife2 to get them but unfortunately I don’t, I only have the mp version. Any idea for that steam_api.dll error?


Steam_API error is caused by having the wrong version of the Source files in your bin folder.

If you made sure to install garrysmod 10 before CSS, it should not have happened.

To fix this:

Delete SCRDS\Orangebox\scrds.exe

Delete the complete scrds\orangebox\bin folder

The bin folder in the orangebox folder has the server api files, you delete the whole thing.

Now rerun Gmod10 installation from HLDS, it should give you the right files.

Thank you very much axim, that worked. Now I only need to find the half life2 files to make the npc sounds work.

Does this fix all the missing NPC Sounds?

fixed my servers mate i fucking love you!

Thanks so much! Spent so much time trying to work this out. i myself tried ptuting CSS in orangebox so it can work w/ gmod, but i never tried it w/ gmod installed first :p.

Questions for hldsupdatetool,

Say if i’m not sure if all the files went through and i did -verify_all (for CSS for example), will it replace the source 2007 files with the CSS ones and cause me to get that API error/problem with server?

If so can I just fix it doing -verify_all for garrysmod in hldsupdatetool?

Should i even use -verify_all or do the -command update to check for missing/updated files?

Sorry for the huge bump but I was excited to see this thread lol.

nvm I found out through testing (even tho it took awhile :X).

verify_all check all files for 100%ness, meaning if you get a API error with garrysmod because CSS has overwritten your newer garrysmod hosting files, you can fix it by using the hldsupdatetool -command update -game garrysmod -dir X:\srcds -verify_all. This will replace the older CSS hosting files with the newer gmod one and get your srcds working propely =]. So in short, the answer to my questions were.

  1. Yes


3)verify_all is good to overwriting w/ a specific game. such as verifying gmod over CSS to get CSS old dedicated server files overwritten by the newer gmod ones, making gmodwork properly. (not sure about this, but it seem to have worked for me :D.

Thanks again Axim for this guide :), how come I don’t t see this as the top thread for facepunch server hosting forum? lol.