Read this, very important.

Hey guys, i’ve decided to add my background and background songs for Gmod 13. I’ve tried to search some tutorials on it and i found on, how to make that for Gmod 10. You making folder sound/ui and putting inside a mp3 file called gamestartup. Still, it doesnt works for Gmod 13, can ya help me with that? Thx


Anything? Why you guys reading threads if you cant answer the question!?

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You really cant answer that question? Then why are you on that forum? To waste your time…

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You only posted this a minute ago, you can’t expect help in an instant.

I think it’s not that possible to customize the GMod menu. However I was able to change the background slideshow.

But the music thing might be out of the question. I’ve no luck experimenting this out.