I am going to release a screen-shot complication soon…(er) or later.

go here for a preview (most of my screenshots):

You wont find this on DA:

I now have an imageshack


Complication: Whole shit load of pictures or something

Am I supposed to be anticipating this or something? Because I’m not.

How about trying to put some effort in to your stuff and actually trying to get better before considering of making a compilation.

a complication is when something gets harder or considerably more complex.

You meant compilation quite obviously. Either post a thread to show something or don’t. Teasing is useless unless you got something to show and preferably to announce something big.

There is no way you’re from the US.

this is a really complicated situation here…

He could be mexican like that one guy, Cast-
Oh wait.

Bro, I was born here and barley spoke a word of Spanish when I was little. :v:

Now I’ve forgotten completely.

And here goes my dreams of you teaching me spanish. :frowning:

i think you mean compilated…


I’d add a facepalm picture here, but I hate the whole meme, Beanz here deserves one.

This is officially the worst thread ever made.

His DA comments re nothing but “thanks for the fav!”

all of my rage.

“I like FPS (First Person Shooter) & TPS (Third Person Shooter)”

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What is this.

You mean compiled.