Readable Books/Notes

i’m guessing everyone’s familiar with readable notes being in games (amnesia for example) but I wanted to know an easy way to do this in Source.

i’ve just sorta been experimenting with puzzle maps that are more story-driven, and need some way to have various notes scattered the level that upon pressing E, displays the actual note as a screen overlay

Do I need to make a custom trigger for this?

The best method I could think of to do this would involve custom textures, like a piece of paper with stuff written on it, then via the map have a trigger that will display a overlay, linking to the texture.

  1. Create your env_screen_overlay
  2. Add whatever overlay you are using into env_screen_overlay’s first overlay spot.
  3. Create your note (i.e. a piece of paper on the ground).
  4. Create a func_button textured with the ’ invisible ’ texture surrounding the note.
  5. Set the func_button to not move, and not make noise (unless you want it to make like a page moving noise).
  6. Set the func_button’s output to toggle the env_screen_overlay onPressed.
  7. I would suggest disabling player movement at this point so that they will be focused on that button still.
  8. When the player presses ’ E ’ again it will toggle the screen overlay and voila.

This is exactly what I was looking for :slight_smile:

Wouldnt it be easier to do that with in game coding?

I guess you could make your own entity with all that included.

Yeah, possibly, you could have an new entity type that allows you to input a texture and a .txt file.

The image would be drawn on-screen at its real resolution (so as not to stretch as some textures end up doing with overlay) and you’d only need 1 texture really, just change the .txt file’s contents to what needs to be on the page(s).